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Preserved Lemons

I love making ingredients that get used to prepare other foods.  Lately I’ve been all about the pickles and preserved foods.  I made preserved lemons this weekend.  I had some of these lemons cut up finely with beets at a friend’s house and they were amazing.  Super strong flavor.  It’s just salt, lemons and lemon juice.  You wash off the salt before you use them. They are a Moroccan staple.  Used in tagines (Moroccan stew) and such.  I used this recipe from Simply Recipes.    Now I just have to wait 3 months to see how they taste.


Fried Chicken

One of our chickens was not feeling so well…..     Fried Chicken!

I used Thomas Keller’s recipe from his book Ad Hoc at Home.  It was my first time frying chicken.  I brined it first and did a 2 stage breading.  It came out great but the process is a bit of a PITA.  Lot’s of clean up too.  Don’t know if I’ll do it again any time soon but it just seemed like something that every one should try once.

plums and tomatoes

Drying plums from our tree to make prunes and the last of the tomatoes too.

I love the color contrast.

beef jerky

We bought 1/4 of a grass fed steer from one of my co-workers last Nov. I decided to make jerky with the last two steaks. I used this recipe from fabulous foods.  So far it has been drying for 3 days and it smells great!  The drying rack was part of a built-in aviary that enclosed our front porch.