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Tree full of baby hands

Nothing says Xmas like a tree full of adorable baby hands

As I’m working through the backlog of projects that my Christmas vacation generated I’m trying to keep this blog as simple as possible so that I can catch up.  I’m also posting more in depth how-tos to Instructables.  This one was created specifically to try and win a holiday decoration contest on the Instructables site.  Unfortunately I didn’t win but thanks to everyone who voted for me.   I had already started the mold making process on the baby hands (as in I bought the plastic hands 6 months ago) because I want to re-create a project I did about 10 years ago of making stove burner knobs out of baby hands cast in aluminum.  This one helped me move that project forwards a little bit and I got a new batch of holiday decorations!


grilling planks

We had some leftover cedar tongue and groove board ends at work from a door building project.  They looked suspiciously like the salmon grilling planks you can buy for your grill.  I ran them through a thickness planer to smooth them and cut the groove side off on the table saw.  The brand was made from a leftover piece of brass weatherstripping.  I bent it into the spiral design and heated it over a small gas barbecue grill with pliers.  I used a piece of scrap wood to press down on the brand once it was hot.

Final Trivet

Last weekend we held a Pie Extravaganza as the theme for our annual birthday party.  (Molly & I have birthdays one day apart)  There had to be prizes, of course, so I thought that a pie shaped trivet cast in aluminum would be appropriate.  I originally planned to make 8 trivets so that each category winner would get one but time constraints and equipment breakdowns determined that there would only be one for the overall winner.  I thought I’d post the process for how I’ve been casting aluminum as well.

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