Since this has become a good place for me to send people to see what I’m up to I figured I might as well put up some stuff from the past too.  I need to go through my things to locate more pictures but so far here is a (very) brief photo history.

When I went to college I started out in Industrial Design but switched over to glass sculpture.

These are a few pieces from my school days:

Glass Hats
Some hats made out of glass
Hallway piece
A construction of florescent light bulb blanks
Burning Desire
Who doesn’t love fire?
Outdoor Piece
Taking glass outside. These were installed in a state park (Kinda forgot to ask permission)
Rocket Man
A glass rocket to launch a little professional wrestler into space.
Throwing Stones
People in Glass Houses…

After school I went into business making handmade glassware.

Glass Improvement glassware
All this stuff was made from 99.9% post consumer waste

I also started selling display cases too.

Glass and metal display tables and shelving

I made a little bit of art too.

Palindrome Ball
This concrete ball had a couple of sentence long palindromes that would print on the sand when you rolled it.
The problem with making art is where to put it when you’re done. This one is over my bed.

After glass making I went on to a number of jobs that weren’t about making things.   Although I did remodel and build some houses I didn’t do a good job of documenting the work.   Most recently I’ve been working for the National Park Service performing historic preservation on national landmarks.  One of the more fun parts of the job is restoring windows and doors.  Sometimes it’s a bit of a forensic exercise especially when all you get to start with is a piece of door and a couple of dimensions.  These pictures are from work I did on a cabin in Utah.  It was built by a woman named Josie Morris.  She was homesteader who was said to have played piano and lead a generally cultured life but wasn’t above a little cattle rustling when necessary.

Window w/ muntin replacements
Restoring a window
Rebuilding a door
The plywood in the panels in this door had to be soaked to separate the layers and re-glued
repaired door
The same door after repairs
windows installed
Here the windows have been re-installed in the cabin

Well, that’s what I’ve got so far.  More to come as I find images and time.