sofi cake
This year Sofia wanted an all white cake.   We decided on the same white cake recipe from Shirley Corriher that created the epic fail cupcakes.   I backed off the baking powder and it helped but it was still a fiasco.   I over filled the pans and they started bubling up right away.  I had to take the pans out and scoop out 30% of the batter from each one part way through baking.   They also made big bubbles and sank in the middle when they cooled.

Not the best.

The filling was a creme filling for eclairs and the icing was whipped cream stabilized with cream cheese.   I was able to hide the concave layers with a combination of over stuffing the middle with filling and plenty of icing. I used a comb that I cut out of cardboard to make the patterns.

In spite of the tribulations, the final result was delicious.